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The B2B ecommerce space is growing fast and buyers have high expectations. Let's take a look at the different types of B2B ecommerce, as well as common misconceptions and some success stories.





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Businesses often buy goods in bulk for a lower price and turn around to sell them at retail value. The goods are usually purchased directly from the manufacturer or distributors. This is wholesale, and it's a popular form of B2B. Wholesale could also be described as the sale of goods to other businesses.  





Manufacturers produce finished goods on a large scale by utilizing parts and raw materials in combination with manual labor and machines. In a B2B model, the finished goods are sold to other manufacturers or wholesalers.




a distributor is a person who works closely with manufacturers in an effort to bring visibility to the goods they are producing, with the goal of increasing sales. In an e-commerce model, the logistics of the sale happen online, often through an e-commerce platform.

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